May 01 2020

The Report I Have Handled to Joe Biden

This is the report I wrote to Joe Biden when I worked in his campaign office last summer.



From 13th August to 25th August, the total amount of canvassing work I did was 230 doors (332 attempts). Above all, 43 people were successfully canvassed and 11 people were Biden supporters (Strong Biden or lean Biden). The report is focused on why the masses like/don’t like Joe Biden. It is only the first stage of the report, I will keep canvassing and gather more statistics. 3 Reasons for Loving Biden

  1. Experienced politician (16 people mentioned) Most people who mentioned this were lived in affluent neighborhoods. They all expressed their tending to the current policy.
  2. Possible beating Trump (13 people mentioned) They were not strong supporters.
  3. Moderate Politics (12 people mentioned)

3 Reasons for Not Choosing Biden

  1. Too Old to be a President (29 people mentioned) Mainly elders mentioned and they would say “I was in this age and I know how my body is” Some mentioned that Biden talked about the wrong thing or opened his mouth in an inappropriate time. However, the masses would also add “that does not matter and we can actually accept that”
  2. Outdated/Too Far from People (26 people mentioned) People referred this did not like the image of an old white politician Mostly middle-aged people mentioned this point They also mentioned Joe did not express his political opinion clearly and systematically
  3. Was Be in Power for Long but Did Not Do Well (14 people mentioned) People mentioned this are usually former supporters of Joe Biden



Honestly, the thing has changed a lot since then, and people are now choosing Joe as he is the only person in this world that is going to have a chance to beat Trump. However, he should chase back and see why did people choose a candidate. Beyond that, when it comes to the presidential election, Iowans have the right to think about why, but the people from later states can only choose the one at his party. Therefore, are they really engaging in politics?

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