Mar 27 2020

Public fundraising Due to COVID-19

I have been blocked at home since 12th March, which is the day coronavirus goes to crazy. At this time, staying at home is painful for me, as I see the United States is suffering exactly the same as what China has suffered in the past few months, but I cannot do anything to help the community around me. Moreover, I also see many people under this situation still choose to attack each other. As an international student and as the ambassador or Green Peace, I think I have to do something to help the people around me, to help the city I lived in, and to help people fighting in the frontline. I decide to hold public fundraising with my friends to raise some money and masks and donate them to the hospital. I will update the progress of fundraising every day.

Besides, I will personally donate ten thousand masks from my family foundation, and I will also post any progress I will make in the future.



The Number of Money We Have Raised: 0

The Number of Masks We Have Raised: 300




Upgrade 3/27

Today is the first day we start, so we start to gather anything we have. There are five of us in the team so far, and three of us have the masks so we donate most of our masks. It is actually impressive that my groupmates are glad to donate most of their mask gratis. The masks of the rest two of us are coming, so I think we can raise more masks among us. Good starts!

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